Managing a network with MikroTik hardware?

We help IT managers and support staff access their MikroTik hardware securely, from anywhere.
RemoteWinBox connects your MikroTik to the cloud to provide protected WinBox access. Perfect for LTE providers, private networks, and MikroTik enthusiasts.

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  • RemoteWinBox for MikroTik
  • RemoteWinBox for MikroTik

RemoteWinBox Features

Remote Access

Use RemoteWinBox to enable WinBox access on any MikroTik

Static IP Not Required

No public IP is needed - works with LTE & Private NAT


RemoteWinBox only allows the IP's you give access to.


Configure the router in seconds!

Created for MikroTik

RemoteWinBox is the perfect utility for Tech Support, Wisps, & Home Use.

Device Health & Performance

Device bandwidth consumption, firmware settings, CPU usage and more details to help you optimize router and network health.

What People Ask

What is RemoteWinBox?
RemoteWinBox is a software service. With our dashboard, you can add routers to your account and see if they're online, check firmware, LTE info, WAN and health status, and instantly connect to WinBox to do whatever you need to.
How does RemoteWinBox work?
To use RemoteWinBox is simple and easy.
  1. First, create an account for free
  2. Login and add routers by clicking + and giving the router a nickname
  3. Copy + Paste the configuration for that router to your Tik
  4. Open WinBox and connect to the info provided to access your Tik from anywhere!
Who is RemoteWinBox for?
RemoteWinBox is used by LTE operators, WISPs, MSPs, enthusiasts... anyone who has MikroTiks in their network
Any MikroTik? Really?
Yes! RemoteWinBox works on any MikroTik router that's connected to the Internet.
RemoteWinBox works through LTE and NAT?
Absolutely. RemoteWinBox works through multiple NAT too - and if there's an LTE interface, you'll see the LTE info right in our dashboard without having to WinBox in
Is it secure?
At RemoteWinBox, we take security seriously!
  • All router usernames and passwords are randomized and unique for each MikroTik
  • We use firewalls to ensure that only you have access to your routers with our service
  • We utilize encryption to protect and secure your access to your routers
How much does this cost?
Get started for free! Your first 5 MikroTiks are on us. Try it out and we're sure you'll love the ease of use, access and visibility. After that, if you subscribe, RemoteWinBox is $.50 per MikroTik per month

What People Say

I love RemoteWinBox because it is so easy to connect to my routers when I'm on the go!

Before RemoteWinBox I couldn't get into my SXT / LHG LTE gear. Now it's a snap.

RemoteWinBox is so easy to use. When I go to a new location I just click one button to update my access - boom, I'm in.




Try us for FREE! Your first five licenses are free.



Each managed MikroTik unit is $.50 per month.

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